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All Guilds Meeting - October 2015

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It was a rather rousing All Guilds Meeting today in Kirel.  Plenty of entertainment brought to you by your fellow explorers and lots of good causes to consider.  As always, here are your raw and cleansed chatlogs for your reading enjoyment.

Here's what happened:

Cavern Tours

Zeke365 was first to talk about the return of the Cavern Tours, events that take you through the various Ages of URU while learning the history associated with each (no puzzle spoilers though).  They are due to start November 3rd

Later in the meeting, he mentioned a special Cavern Tour that will take place during the CAVCON party proceedings (see below).

Final details will be presented at the next All Guilds Meeting.  Keep checking the MOUL Events forum for more information as well!

Radio Free D'ni

AlanDJ reminded everyone that there would be a concert from Radio Free D'ni tomorrow (Sunday, October 4th).  For more details on that, you can see our news post.

RAWA 2.0

[X] was next to discuss a very important topic.  As was reported earlier, Cyan employee Richard "RAWA" Watson has recently suffered a brain tumor.  They are asking for any help that can be given in this time of need.  They encourage anyone who can to donate to their GoFundMe account (which has already reached its goal, but extra money can always help) or leave a kind word (or several) at his Caring Bridge page, particularly any stories about how the Myst series has affected you.

CAVCON Awareness Party

Speaking of RAWA, Patricio has reported that he will be the special guest of the upcoming CAVCON Awareness Party, which is set to take place on Saturday, October 10th.  Due to his recovery, which requires that he keep away from electronic screens due to risk of seizures, the questions will be gathered up until October 6th so that RAWA can have time to answer them beforehand.

RAWA will do his best to attend the party itself, but it will depend on how he's feeling that day, of course.  It should be noted that, despite his health, he is still going ahead with all this for the fans.

A full list of events and times is forthcoming, so keep checking back here for further updates about the party!  A big thank you to Patricio, Zeke365, maggie696, AlanDJ...and of course the late Deirdre Karris (who started the initial planning for the party) for all their hard work!


The CAVCON meter showed August finishing at 3.0, which put things about even.  The meter is currently sitting at 2.5 as of September 21st, so be sure to donate if you can to keep the lights on!

The next All Guilds Meeting will take place on November 7th at 13:00 KI time.  Until next time!

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